9 июля доступен для скачивания RC 1 почтового клиента The Bat! 2.12

, 10.07.2004 в 23:32
Изменения следующие:

[-] "Mark stored junk mail as read" checkbox enabled status wasn´t dynamically updated when checking "Move a message to the Junk folder if the score is greater than";

[-] IMAP: filtering ignored queue;

[-] IMAP: using decoded names in Folder Maintenance and request watcher;

[-] VF: Mark the mail in common VF as Junk leads to common junk mail folder;

[-] IMAP: some queue changes (should be faster now);

[-] IMAP: some synchronization staff;

[-] IMAP: Moving messages has some problems (may be it caused problems in deletion and in filtering);

[-] Other: Authentication properties of an account weren´t stored (Beta issue);

[-] IMAP: minor fixes.

Скачать можно отсюда: http://files.nobat.ru/beta2xx/61

И вот еще что:

Ohh. And some new features:

New command lines:
thebat.exe /op:<operation>:<argument>
where <operation> = compress, purge, killdupes, clearcache, empty
<argument> = account name (9Val)
full path to folder (9ValInbox, Common_folder)

Note that multiple operations on the same argument are supported

thebat.exe /op:compress:9Val - compresses all folders in
account 9Val
thebat.exe /op:killdupesurge:compress:9ValInbox - kills
duplicates, purges and compresses in my Inbox

Multiple arguments are not supported (hope that only yet)

Smiley/Rogue improvements:
Popup menu on headers pane have new features to enable/disable image,
fit headers to image size, allowing to automatically download missing
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