TheBat! 2.11 Beta 6

, 19.05.2004 в 09:02
Изменения следующие:

[+] New Window Split Mode - Full-width Message List;

[+] It is now possible to re-filter only selected messages;

[+] Viewing account´s log window is no longer modal;

[+] URLs of incoming messages are added to the log;

[+] Possibility to open URLs by double click from the account´s log viewer;
[*] It is now possible to log manual refiltering;
[*] Search options in the Accont Log View pop-up menu;
[*] The current folder was removed from the Unread tab when new mail was received;
[*] Tab order in the Folder Maintenance Centre is now working more correctly;
[*] UTF-7/8 decoding is now much faster;

[-] Main Window was grabbing focus while listing an IMAP folder;

[-] Deleted messages counters were not updated in the Folder Maintenance Centre;

[-] Account tree nodes´ states were not stored correctly;

[-] Access Violation error while search in a deleted folder;

[-] Unread messages were loaded and treated as read during refiltering process;

[-] The "l" LDAP attribute was not processed.

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