Вышел релиз 2.10.03 почтового клиента The Bat!

, 30.04.2004 в 08:22
What´s new in The Bat! 2.10.03:

[-] Fixed an AV on TLS sessions with hosts which didn?t have host information in the certificate.

[-] Fixed a problem with text height calculation in password quiry dialog;

1с документооборот государственного учреждения 8
[-] The Bat! didn´t import certificates from some PFX files with empty password;

[-] Normal folder "test" magically changed to virtual folder on TB! restart;

[-] Some memory leaks;

[-] Virtual Folder shows msgs from password protected accounts after closing the account;

[-] Menu option "Follow" doesn´t work in VF, when is "Virtual" folder tab selected;

[-] Message from VF can be saved, but not exported, menu "Tools | Export messages" is disabled;

[-] %LANGUAGE="GN" and %LANGUAGE="GO" macros didn?t work;

[-] Auto read status will mark all read upon read status change of one message;

[-] Folders cannot be repositioned by drag-and-drop into (or next to) the VF one;

[-] VM address groups filtering does not work correctly;

[-] Body filter;

[-] Spanish translation needs some resizing of controls;

[-] Folder movement bug;

[-] Refresh of Virtual Folders was broken.

Скачать файл: the_bat2.10.03.exe

Эта версия включает в дистрибутиве BayesIt 0.5.4. Данная версия не содержит существенных отличий от 0.5.3, а лишь пару моментов, касающихся пользователей других "клонов" БАТа (SecureBat Lite, SecureBat, SecureBat Pro, Aviaintour Захiд).
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