Вышла новая версия BayesIT плагина

, 22.04.2004 в 10:55
So, the 0.5.3 was released.

Скачать Version 0.5.3 (20.04.2004): bayesit053.rar

[-] When installing from The Bat! preferences menu it was necessary to configure the filter manually. Now it assumes all default settings itself;

[-] The window about "can´t create folder" were shown in some false cases;

[+] The filter assumes it´s interface language during installation and tries to load appropriate language from the file bayesit.lng. The file is checked in the filter´s working folder, filter´s program folder, The Bat´s program folder and finaly in the main The Bat! mail folder;
[*] Some strings in English interface were changed and official source files for translators are now commited to CVS. Together with previous feature it makes BayesIt easy-localizable.
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