Вышел релиз 2.10.00 почтового клиента The Bat!

, 17.04.2004 в 00:26
What´s new in The Bat! 2.10:

[!] It is now possible to create Virtual Folders: "New|Virtual Folder" in the folder tree pop-up menu or "Virtual Folder" button in the Message Finder;

[+] Folder set tabs for viewing limited sets of folders like folders with unread messages, Virtual Folders and folders associated with a particular Colour Group;

[+] New HTML editor with support of tables and lists;

[+] Marking all messages as read is now working for sub-folders and entire accounts;
[*] Selection cursor in HTML and Rich Text Viewer;
[*] Speed of loading messages into HTML/Rich Text viewer is improved;
[*] When a message base size is about 2GB, an explanation error box is given;
[*] Common Virtual Folder name decoration can be changed in Options/Preferences/Global;

[-] View mode: Entire message condition disappeared from Filter section;

[-] "No message loaded" ws displayed when a message did not have a textual body;

[-] %OCHARSET macro was not functional.

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