TheBat! 2.05 Beta 14

, 05.04.2004 в 18:41
Изменения следующие:

[-] %OCHARSET macro was not functional;

[-] "No message lodaded" ws displayed when a message did not have a textual body;
[*] When a message base size is about 2GB, an explanation error box is given;

[-] Access Violation error when editing folder properties;

[-] Account counter works invalid if message is in Virtual Folder;

[-] Synchronization of messages from Common-folders;

[-] Change fast-search flags does not caused synchronization;

[-] When is VF folder moved in folders tree, Unread counter is reset to 0;

[-] Sometimes VF lost its folders;

[+] VFolder name decoration can be changed in account properties;

[-] In "Folder" menu there is no option "New virtual folder…";

[-] VFolder editing sometimes caused dead-lock;

[-] In folder property, Macro context menu is wrong;

[-] When is linked message in VF marked as read, Unread counter is not changed;

[-] Drag&drop of messages into Virtual Folders;

[-] Problems with Unread status of messages in VFs;

[-] Access violation if Flag cleared and set again for message in VF;

[-] Status of Flag attribute is not rememberred;

[-] Major bug in virtual folders;

[-] Sometimes VFs blocked program as example.

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