The Bat! v2.05 Beta/1

, 10.03.2004 в 08:00
Изменения следующие:

[-] The Bat! sometimes didn´t import e-mail addresses from Outlook Express Address book;

[-] Contact groups weren´t imported from Outlook Express Address book;

[-] The Size column wasn´t updated after attachment deletion;

[-] The "Remind Next Month" option was not working properly…;

[-] Import from Unix mail box was failing if an address in the "From xxx " line did not include the ´@´ character;

[-] It was not possible to copy text and navigate URLs from the plug-in information window;
[*] The font in the Mail Dispatcher list is now identical to the font set for message lists;

[-] It was not possible to use Ctrl and Alt key modifiers in shortcuts for changing sorting in the message list;

[-] "Forward as attachments" option is now on by default for the new accounts;

[-] Extra part added to multipart/signed message has becoming the main part and invalidate the signature;
[*] S/MIME signature containing certificates that has expired were displayed as invalid. Now expired certificates are re-checked against the date claimed signature date, and if no other error occur, such S/MIME signature is displayed has "expired" icon;

[-] History wasn´t saved in "Find Text" dialog box in plain text viewer;

[+] More sensible settings for choosing Working Directory;

[+] THEBAT.INI file in the program directory can be used for automatic installation on networks;

[-] more (but still not all) problems with rendering Chinese Big5 and GB2331 character sets;

[-] some other cosmetic fixes.

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