Полный список изменений версии 2.04 почтового клиента The Bat!

, 18.02.2004 в 15:49
Вот полный список изменений версии 2.04

[!] Microsoft Exchange server connectivity (requires MS Exchange client to be installed for providing MAPI transport);

[+] Compuserve RPA authentication mechanism;

[+] POP/IMAP/SMTP session logging settings are stored in the Protocol.INI file of the account´s
home directory;

[+] The "Allow search for unread messages across accounts" option in the Options|Preferences dialogue at the Messages page;

[+] Functions of extension mouse buttons can be redefined in the Options|Preferences dialogue at the System page;

[+] New "Preview Pane on the left" Split Mode for comfortable mail reading on wide-screen displays;

[+] RTV: Links from header fields with message IDs are now converted to mid: URLs;
[*] Select/Unselect all buttons in the Backup/Restore dialogue;
[*] Highlighting Log records is now done on per account basis;
[*] Actions of selective download filters are now logged;
[*] The Arrow Left key in the message list when threads are present now behaves the same way as in a tree control;
[*] URL links are now clickable in the Message Source view;
[*] "No message loaded" message on the preview pane (ideas about filling it with more useful information are welcome);
[*] Better looking total progress indicator in the Connection Centre under XP Themes;
[*] Optimised search for MailTicker messages on IMAP;
[*] Reworked POP3 module: correct behaviour with large messages left for later download, etc;
[*] Scroll bar now always appears in the MicroEd editor whenever scrolling may be needed;
[*] Theme-aware headers of the message list;

[-] When using submission forms with "MSG TPL", national characters weren´t encoded;

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[-] Deleted messages were not immediately displayed in "Browse deleted messages" windows;

[-] Delete/Abort buttons of Connection Centre were not functional with the Dispatcher open;

[-] A finished Folder Re-filtering dialogue could not be closed by the Esc key;

[-] SmartBat! contents wasn´t restored from the backup;

[-] MailDispatcher´s Open flag was not functional in most cases;

[-] Address Groups templates were not used if a group name was entered manually or from the Favourites menu;

[-] Common folders didn´t appear in the message tree after restore until restart of The Bat!;

[-] Properties of common folders weren´t backed up;

[-] User dictionaries weren´t backed up;

[-] It was not possible to create a filter from MSG/EML file viewer;

[-] Print selection was causing feeding the same amount of pages as for the entire message;

[-] "Font size" bug for printing messages;

[-] The "URL:link" style links are now recognised;

[-] "pure" HTML messages were printed incorrectly in many cases;

[-] Copying messages from local to IMAP folders was actually moving messages;

[-] Trash folders were processed in order of its appearance, now Trash folders are processed after all other folders are processed;

[-] Bug with printing headers of messages with non-Western character sets;

[-] Account folders were included when searching for lost common folders;

[-] Messages marked as Junk and moved to the Junk folder are marked read if the "Mark stored junk mail as read" option is set;

[-] New mail sound should not be played for junk messages;

[-] Messages could not be copied between different IMAP accounts;

[-] Back button in the New Account Wizard was taking to a wrong page when setup was about to finish;

[-] When S/MIME signed messages was opened for editing from the Outbox, use of PGP was selected instead of S/MIME;

[-] Empty HTML body was not displayed empty in HTML viewer;

[-] Large messages (not marked for retrieval) were deleted from the server during;

the session next to the one they were detected;

[-] Infected file was left on the disk after displaying the error message;

[-] Account´s password was not checked when a message was created with mailto: URL with a password locked account selected;

[-] Extra empty lines were displayed in the plain text versions of HTML messages with HTML tags;

[-] Crash upon selection of a source folder for Read/Reply filters under Windows 9x/ME;

[-] Bug with using wrong Top/Bottom definitions in the scrollbar local menu of MicroEd/PTV;

[-] Message age was incorrectly counted for View Mode filtering;

[-] Bug with displaying sorted columns in message list with a wrong background colour;

[-] IMAP deletion behaviour was inconsistent;

[-] Folder commands were disabled on IMAP folder even after the messages list was cached;

[-] IMAP Folder Compression was not functional from the Maintenance Centre;

[-] Filter editor in the Editor View Mode dialogue was highlighting wrong menu items as default;

[-] It was not possible to backup View Modes;

[-] When the "HTML with plain text part" editor was selected, the "pure" HTML editor was actually used;

[-] The "Close a separate viewer on Reply/Forward" option was not functional in some cases;

[-] It was not possible to backup Scheduler tasks;

[-] It was not possible to backup user-defined message headers;

[-] Caret was disappearing from the HTML editor;

[-] When account´s password was blank, address book template was not used (from now, blank templates are replaced with %BLANK);

[-] Address Completion was looking for entries with no e-mail address defined;

[-] Delete menu items were disabled while the Deleted Items "address book" was selected;

[-] When a message was being MIME-Forwarded, no account was selected in the message editor;

[-] Move messages from a local folder to an IMAP folder was not updating the message list;

[-] Deletion from an IMAP folder to a local folder was leaving messages unread;

[-] Windows Editor was non-functional after adding attachments;

[-] Scrolling with mouse wheel was not working when the setting was "one screen at a time";

[-] Expression calculator) Power operator had the same priority as multiply/divide operators;

[-] Progress bar display in the Backup/Restore window was broken;

[-] Kaspersky AVP plug-in was lost on restart;

[-] Actions at the end of an event were not executed;

[-] .CHM files were not taken into account for context help;

[-] Appearance of Original Text pane is improved;

[-] Bug with hanging POP connections introduced by reworking POP3 module should be fixed;

[-] Bug with losing last message position in result of folder compression;

[-] Bug with sending from IMAP account when OUtbox is located on the server;

[-] Correct behaviour on checking/copressing IMAP folders;

[-] Cruise mouse buttons were not processed properly by inactive controls;

[-] Double click on an address book item was not functional;

[-] Due to a bug in the Plugin API, plugin configuration couldn´t be saved;

[-] Fixes for pasting text from locales other than the system´s default (must be checked under Win9x);

[-] Incorrect View Mode assignment in the Folder Properties dialogue;

[-] Multimedia keys on extended keyboards were not functional in the main window;

[-] Redirect of HTML messages should be working now;

[-] Sometimes, going to a new message across folders was not focusing on an unread folder;

[-] The Bat! could fail to locate root certificates during TLS connections with "localhost";

[-] The Bat! didn´t work under Windows 95 and 3.51 because it has been statically linked to "TrackMouseEvent" function;

[-] View Modes created from another view mode were not functioning correctly;

[-] When signing with GnuPG, if the signer had multiple keys, The Bat! could offer disabled, expired and revoked keys as well

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