59 бета почтового клиента The Bat! 2.03 доступна для скачивания

, 07.02.2004 в 14:35
Изменения следующие:

[-] Cruise mouse buttons were not processed properly by inactive controls;

[-] Print selection was causing feeding the same amount of pages as for the entire message
[-] (Expression calculator) Power operator had the same priority as multiply/divide operators;

[-] IMAP Folder Compression was not functional from the Maintenance Centre;

[-] Correct behaviour on checking/copressing IMAP folders;
[*] Better looking total progress indicator in the Connection Centre under XP Themes;

[-] Fixes for pasting text from locales other than the system´s default (must be checked under Win9x)

Скачать можно отсюда: https://nobat.ru/files/ftp/beta.200/tb203b59.rar
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