Вышел очередной билд почтового клиента The Bat! 2.03.28

, 07.01.2004 в 22:08
Изменения следующие:

[+] RTV: Links from header fields with message IDs are now converted to mid: URLs;

[+] Functions of extension mouse buttons can be redefined in the Options|Preferences dialogue at the System page;
[*] The Arrow Left key in the message list when threads are present now behaves the same way as in a tree control;

[-] When using submission forms with "MSG TPL", national characters weren?t encoded;

[-] "Font size" bug for printing messages;

[-] Selective Download filters were not using files with signal strings (introduced in earlier 2.03 Betas);

[-] It was not possible to create a filter from MSG/EML file viewer;

[-] The "URL:link" style links are now recognised;

[-] Delete/Abort buttons of Connection Centre were not functional with the Dispatcher open;

[-] Message age was incorrectly counted for View Mode filtering;

[-] When S/MIME signed messages was opened for editing from the Outbox, use of PGP was selected instead of S/MIME;

[-] MailDispatcher?s Open flag was not functional in most cases;

[-] Extra empty lines were displayed in the plain text versions of HTML messages with <DIV> HTML tags;

[-] Back button in the New Account Wizard was taking to a wrong page when setup was about to finish;

[-] Messages marked as Junk and moved to the Junk folder are marked read if the "Mark stored junk mail as read" option is set.

Скачать можно отсюда: https://nobat.ru//files/ftp/beta.200/tb203b28.rar
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