9 декабря вышел в свет The Bat! 2.02 Christmas Edition

, 09.12.2003 в 10:48
Изменения следующие:

[+] "Hot Link" clicking for address fields in the message editor to invoke address picker;

[+] %ModifyOnce(header1, header2, etc) macro to prevent headers to be set more than once;

[+] %QuoteEmptyLines template macro (the name speaks for itself :-);

[+] AES encryption algorithm (128 and 256 bits) for TLS;

[+] IMAP Fine-Tune option to disable message flag refreshing each time a folder selected (to save
time and bandwidth in case of single client and single user access);

[+] Import of Outlook Contacts Folder into the address book;

[+] Import of Outlook Express address items (Windows Address Book);

[+] It is now possible to assign folder to a colour group;

[+] Possibility to set background for HTML documents (some work is still required though :-);

[+] Server Timeout settings (see the Transport page of the account properties dialogue);

[+] Updated core interface library for themable interface;

[+] View Modes for message list;
[*] Some non-Latin characters were treated as word breaks in the spell checker;
[*] Folder database is compressed on exit;
[*] Extension of the %TEXT="-nn[L]" macro to include nn lines from the end (the L parameter allows inclusion of lines with URL);
[*] IMAP folders are now created without the option to display unread messages on MailTicker to
prevent excessive Search on each connection startup;
[*] It is now possible to search text in the message source viewer;
[*] More sensible scroll bar settings for MicroEd;
[*] Possibility to add links in HTML editor;
[*] Quoted-printable is now the default encoding for 8-bit messages for new accounts;
[*] Search for attachments reimplemented (it´s needed when attachment was moved to a new place);
[*] Tidier looking dialogues under WinXP;
[*] Vertical Scroll size in the Plain Text Viewer is reduced by one line;

[-] "Read" flag wasn´t imported from Outlook or Outlook Express message bases;

[-] Fixed Access Violation on imporing Outlook message base;

[-] Address book entries witout e-mail addresses were duplicated when restored from a backup archive;

[-] Upon editing multiple address entries, the gender was reset;

[-] It was possible to open Account Log window twice if the main window wasn´t active;

[-] Outdated "application/x-pkix-certreqresp" S/MIME protocol was not supported;

[-] Only the first defined Key server was used for search PGP keys with PGP v7+;

[-] The old way of displaying of received/created time is restored;

[-] HTML toolbar visibility was not remembered and its name wasn´t appropriate :-);

[-] Ctrl+H was not working in Mail Dispatcher;

[-] A dot character was added to the outgoing attached files without extension;

[-] Built-in PGP support did not support comments from PGP preferences;

[-] IMAP folder positions were not stored during "Reset list" commands of the IMAP Folder Manager;

[-] The "Invert selection" option was not working in Search window´s folder selector;

[-] UUencoded files were not processed for IMAP messages;

[-] HTML-to-Plain routine was converting the <title> tagged text as a part of plain text content;

[-] Macro %TEXT="nnL" was not working in accordance to documentation;

[-] Access Violation error when cancelling message with saving it as draft;

[-] TLS certificate errors were not logged as errors;

[-] It was not possible to use a rigtht-click pop-up menu in the message source viewer;

[-] It is possible to view all the recipients when decrypting a GnuPG message encryptied to multiple recipients;

[-] IMAP folder names were not added to the drop-down lists of system folder combos in the account properties dialogue;

[-] A dot was always added to the name of an attached file without an extension;

[-] A lot of cosmetic bugs;

[-] AV Error when filtering message list by Alt+clicking on message field;

[-] Access violation when deleting a folder (must be checked);

[-] An extra attachment was created due to move attachments between folders when attachments were
stored separately;

[-] Bug with encryption in the built-in support for PGP v6-8;

[-] Bug with restoring from v1.xx backup archive;

[-] Bug with scheduler´s time setting;

[-] Bugs with losing language settings;

[-] Cursor positioning problem in the Windows editor;

[-] Deletion settings were not used for purging from the Folder Maintenance Centre;

[-] Fixed a "List Index Out Of Bounds" error on Check mail for all accounts (Alt+F2 hotkey);

[-] Fixed an AV error in the HTML which could seldomly occur on pages with large tables;

[-] Fixed multiple items in the folder view mode menu;

[-] Fixed scroll bar page size;

[-] IMAP messages were not refreshed when their flags were changed by a concurrent user;

[-] If attachment directory was moved to a new location, old externally stored attachments were
not searched;

[-] Interface fixes to display chinese symbols correctly;

[-] It was not possible to define a folder for alternative deletion if ordinary deletion was not
using any non-Trash folder;

[-] Keyboard shortcut names weren´t translatable in the menues;

[-] Latin characters with umlauts could sometimes not be saved in HTML editor;

[-] Links were not automatically highlighted in the HTML editor;

[-] Macro button was not behaving properly in the account properties dialogue;

[-] More fixes for encryption and signing using built-in PGP v6-8 support;

[-] Outlook Contacts import didn´t handle nested Contacts folderes;

[-] Recipient addresses weren´t imported from Outlook 2000;

[-] S/MIME signatures using internal implementation didn´t work in 2.01.15;

[-] Selected IMAP folder was not refreshed on new messages arrival;

[-] Some cosmetic bugs with enabling/disabling controls and wrong tab order;

[-] When a message was automatically forwarded/replied, the original text was not converted;

[-] When importing messages from MS Outlook or Outlook Express, "Received" date has been reset to
the current date;

[-] Workaround for buggy Courier IMAP server (the INBOX folder can be marked with NoSelect flag
preventing correct work with the folder);

[-] cosmetical errros in configuration dialogues (better controls, tab stops, etc);

[-] fixed some bugs in account properties dialogue;

[-] mailto: URL handler works more precisely now;

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