27 ноября вышел 2.01.56 билд почтового клиента The Bat!

, 29.11.2003 в 07:25
Изменения следующие:

[+] Server Timeout settings (see the Transport page of the account properties dialogue);
[*] Extension of the %TEXT="-nn[L]" macro to include nn lines from the end (the L parameter allows inclusion of lines with URL);
[*] It is now possible to search text in the message source viewer;

[-] "Read" flag wasn´t imported from Outlook or Outlook Express message bases;

[-] Upon editing multiple address entries, the gender was reset;

[-] The old way of displaying of received/created time is restored;

[-] HTML toolbar visibility was not remembered and its name wasn´t appropriate :-);

[-] Ctrl+H was not working in Mail Dispatcher;

[-] Macro %TEXT="nnL" was not working in accordance to documentation;

[-] It was not possible to use a rigtht-click pop-up menu in the message source viewer;

[-] Bug with scheduler´s time setting;

[-] Import from Outlook 2000 didn´t work in previous beta;

[-] Outlook Contacts import didn´t handle nested Contacts folderes;

[-] When a message was automatically forwarded/replied, the original text was not converted;

[-] Various bugs with View Modes.

Скачать можно отсюда: https://nobat.ru/files/ftp/beta.200/tb20156.rar
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