4 ноября. Доступен для скачивания билд 2.01.26 программы The Bat!

, 05.11.2003 в 02:29
Изменения в ней следующие:

[-] Address book entries witout e-mail addresses were duplicated when restored from a backup archive;

[-] UUencoded files were not processed for IMAP messages;

[-] Outdated "application/x-pkix-certreqresp" S/MIME protocol was not supported;

[-] AV Error when filtering message list by Alt+clicking on message field;

[-] Workaround for buggy Courier IMAP server (the INBOX folder can be marked with NoSelect flag preventing correct work with the folder);

[-] IMAP folder names were not added to the drop-down lists of system folder combos in the account properties dialogue;

[-] IMAP folder positions were not stored during "Reset list" commands of the IMAP Folder Manager;

[+] Possibility to set background for HTML documents (some work is still required though :-)

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