Вышел новый билд программы The Bat! 2.01.15

, 30.10.2003 в 09:27
Скачать можно отсюда: https://nobat.ru/files/ftp/beta.200/tb20115.rar

Change Log:

Version: 2.01.15, date: 28-Oct-2003

[+] "Hot Link" clicking for address fields in the message editor to invoke address picker;

[+] Updated core interface library for themable interface;

[+] %QuoteEmptyLines template macro (the name speaks for itself :-);
[*] Tidier looking dialogues under WinXP;

[-] More fixes for encryption and signing using built-in PGP v6-8 support;

[-] Fixed a "List Index Out Of Bounds" error on Check mail for all accounts (Alt+F2 hotkey);

[-] Access Violation error when cancelling message with saving it as draft;

[-] cosmetical errros in configuration dialogues (better controls, tab stops, etc)

Пользоваться этой версией категорически не рекомендуется. Очень большое количество ошибок
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