18 бета почтового клиента The Bat! 2.0 доступна для скачивая

, 28.09.2003 в 14:15
Если быть точнее, то это 2.00.18 ;-)

Итак, что нового:

[+] Address Picker: it is now possible to add addresses manually (not from Address Books);

[+] Possibility to set the order of action of a scheduled event;

[+] Possibility to control execution based on exit code of a program started by a scheduled action;

[+] More Anti-spam options: mark as read when moved to the Junk folder, move messages to the Junk folder when marked as junk, possibility to use the common Junk folder;
[*] Unnamed message parts are now given more accurate names when viewed;
[*] It is now possible to call Address Picker from anywhere in message editor (Alt+F8 by default);
[*] Message counters in IMAP folders are now displayed as actual <cached>;
[*] IMAP implementation should be less memory greedy now;
[*] Advanced button is removed from the Mail Management page of the account properties dialogue - new pages are added instead;

[-] PGP/MIME was working properly only with MD5 and SHA1 cyphers;

[-] It was a problem when a MIME parameter was split into two wrapped lines;

[-] Inbox was not updated when a new message was processed by a filter that did not move the message to another folder;

[-] A scheduled action to execute a program was not functional;

[-] (#0001468) Scheduler: pane and list header sizes were not stored;

[-] (#0001505) Scheduler: default notification properties were not stored;

[-] (#0001504) Scheduler: notification settings of an event were cleared out each time event was modified;

[-] AV when a folder was deleted from the IMAP folder manager;

[-] IMAP: Possible problems with large literals should be avoided;

[-] IMAP option to fetch message structures is finally working;

[-] (#0001666) (NoSelect flag of an IMAP mailbox was ignored)

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