6 бета версия 2.0 на "дворе"

, 29.08.2003 в 13:43
6 бета доступна для скачивания: ftp://ftp.ritlabs.com/pub/the_bat/beta/tb200b06.rar

Вот список изменений:

[*] More sensible default for display name for newly created address entries;
[*] Pop-up menu in the Message Finder´s folder selector;

[-] (IMAP) Cache could grow enormously due to synchronisation error (headers and bodies of deleted messages were retrieved each time);

[-] (IMAP) Filters started by an assigned hotkey were not functioning properly for IMAP accounts;

[-] (IMAP) Replied messages were marked as replied only locally;

[-] (IMAP) "Heavy NOOPing" was possible when connection was lost;

[-] A warning about used filter Hot Key was not displayed;

[-] Bugs with displaying HTML messages from multipart/alternative messages;

[-] It was not possible to reopen an HTML message for editing
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