4 бета почтового клиента The Bat! 2.0 доступна для скачивания

, 25.08.2003 в 15:13
The Bat! v2.0 Beta/4 is now available from https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/beta/tb200b04.rar

Here is a short list of changes:

[+] The SIZE SMTP Extension is now supported;
[*] A confirmation is displayed when replying on a message being already replied;

[-] It was not possible to manually set message priority;

[-] Folder emptying could stuck (introduced in v2 Beta/3);

[-] All queued mail was sent when Re-Send of a single message was requested;

[-] Oddities when manually adding senders/recipients to the address book;

[-] When a block was deleted in MicroEd, the editor window could be emptied despite there was some more text;

[-] Search/Replace in MicroEd/PTV was not looking for whole words;

[-] IMAP: there were difficulties working with sub-folders of the INBOX folder;

[-] A bug with address completion when the name in an adsress contained comma character;

[-] MailTicker was not working with IMAP folders (Beta);

[-] The "Automatic refresh of IMAP folders" option was not used;

[-] A lot of other cosmetic fixes

Enjoy! :-)
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