Вышла 1 бета версия почтового клиента The Bat! версии 2.0 УРА! УРА! УРА!

, 02.08.2003 в 14:34
Dear All,

It´s no longer a myth :-)

2.0 Beta/1 is now available from https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/beta/tb200b01.rar

Well, a list of changes is fairly short for this version, but here we go:

[!] Fully reworked true IMAP support;

[-] Bugs with common folders (introduced in 1.63 Beta);

[-] Some cosmetic bugs in HTML editor including referencing by Content-ID;


This means the rest of issues will be addressed in subsequent Betas.

Nobody expects a Beta to be polished, so here is the list of things you should not waste your time writing reports about:

- IMAP Folders don´t get refreshed if something is changed while you are browsing them;

- Incoming filters/Virus/SPAM checking are not working automatically now;

- When sychnronisation is set to Headers and Text, attachments could ot be used (unless you clear cache manually and reload the folder´s contents);

- Some other cosmetic issues you better tell about.

The development roadmap will be posted tomorrow, please stay tuned and enjoy the new Beta :-)

Thank you for your patience and suppport!

Sorry, I did not mention some this Beta-specific things.

Currently, IMAP folder management is done by clicking the right mouse button on an IMAP account and choosing "Manage IMAP folders" menu command.

"Checking for new mail" for an IMAP account means syncronising whatever folders you´ve selected for synchronisation and disconnecting after that. If you have no folders to synchronise, you´be just
connected to the server.

"Dispatch" means simple connecting to the server.

There is no "Disconnect from IMAP server" function other than killing a task in CC.

OK, I hope this is it for now. :-)
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