Информация сегодня пробежала в tb-beta! Версия 2.0 на подходе

, 25.07.2003 в 13:43

От: Stefan Tanurkov <stef@ritlabs.com>

К: Dierk Haasis and All <tbbeta@thebat.dutaint.com>

Время создания: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 13:41:46 -0400

Тема: Another take on v2

Hello Dierk,

Thank you for your really good take!

I guess, it is now time to unveil our plans about v2 and further developments. As a matter of fact, I told my wife yesterday that I´m going to do write an announcement about v2 Beta on Thursday or Friday this week :-))

OK, here it goes (in short):

The current Beta version (I mean - 1.63 Beta/11) is the last 1.xx version of The Bat! The next version number will jump to 2. The major change from 1.63 will be full IMAP support and there will be no more new features added (well, may be some minor ones that would be considered as "safe" and quick to implement) until we make the first release version - this means dealing with outstanding issues aka bugs found in the current (and the coming) Beta.

The version 2 Beta is a couple of days away from today, and I will try to make a more detailed road map when this Beta is out. Please excuse us for not keeping you informed, but it was a really difficult thing to do because of many uncertainties/problems we were going through during the past few years. Maybe it is a "growth disease" or something like that, but I hope many things finally found their places now…

Thank you all for your patience, understanding and the greatest support I´ve ever seen a program has been receiving!

P.S. And please don´t link the IMAP client that could be found on our site with the IMAP implementation in The Bat! - these are two completely different things based on different code.
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