Вышла 11 бета версия почтового клиента The Bat! 1.63

, 13.06.2003 в 12:49
Still, there are some issues left, but this one should be better anyway :-)

1.63 Beta/11 is now available from https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/beta/tb163b11.rar

Here´s the changes:

[*] Passphrase caching is now active for PGP 6-8 support if PGP version is 7 or 8;

[-] %ONELINE / %SINGLELINE macros could cause lockup since Beta/8;

[+] %WRAPPED(Limit, Text) macro for more precise text wrapping;

[+] %ONELINE="Some Text" / %SINGLELINE="Some Text" macros produce "Some Text" as a sinle line (i.e. CRLFs removed);

[-] URLs in attached messages weren´t usable from the preview pane´s "inner viewer";

[-] %COMMENT="…" macro was not assigning value to the Comments field in the message editor;

[-] Text/RichText messages were not shown on the new preview pane;
[*] Quoted printable and base64 encoding algorithms slightly changed to prevent "blending" on Yahoo mail servers so the signed messages are not damaged;

[+] %OTEXT macro - the original messages´s full text without headers (may be useful in replies quoting selected text only);

[-] In some cases the message base repair utility could hang;
[*] "Good old" reply/forward behaviour when RFC 822 headers were shown in the preview;

[-] msgid: URLs were working only if the folder parameter was present;

[-] %QUOTESTYLE="None" was not working as it should;

[-] Message Editor was not using correct quotation prefix for "Paste as quotation" commands
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