Сегодня, доступна для скачивания 10 бета версия почтового клиента The Bat! 1.63

, 10.06.2003 в 16:14
1.63 Beta/10 is available for download from https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/beta/tb163b10.rar


[-] AV when trying to print a message;
[*] application/pgp-keys MIME type is now properly handled;

[-] Copy was not working in the preview header;

[-] %SUBJECT="…" bug;

[-] Focusing and splitting quirks in the separate window viewer;

[-] "Export message to a text file" filter action was not working properly;

[-] %NO… macros were not working;
[*] Built-in PGP 5-8 support did now invokes search on primary key server (some more work required to get it look for keys on additional servers);

[+] PGP/MIME options in the Privacy menu of the message editor;

[-] %SingleRe macro was not working

Some work is still required for built-in PGP 5-8 support, but I guess we are getting close :-)
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