Сегодня вышла 9 бета почтового клиента The Bat! 1.63

, 06.06.2003 в 15:12
Да, многовато было найдето багов в предыдущей беты и в RitLabs поторопились выпустить следующую
бету, на этот раз 9 по счету в линейке 1.63. Изменения в ней следующие:

[-] Various bugs with GnuPG;

[-] PGP/MIME was not used for 8-bit text messages and for other cases;

[-] %QOUTES="…" did not work as before;

[-] %QINCLUDE added extra empty lines;

[-] The Sender field could not be edited/added;

[-] Some "List Index out of bounds" errors;

[-] %HDRxxx / %OHDRxxx macros were not working;

[-] Some other bugs :-)

A special note about Blockqoute macro (my hat off for the author): Since it is not possible to set values with CR/LF to headers since Beta/8, a variable should be used instead. The simples way is to
insert the underscore character after the % and %REGEXPMATCH=_%COMMENT_´%- must be replaced with
%REGEXPMATCH=[%_COMMENT]´%- ( [] and <> can be used for quotation too, by the way :-)

What other things should be fixed ASAP ? I want to start new series of core changes, so I want to be sure this version is OK for you…

Скачать ее можно с сайта RitLabs по адресу: ftp://ftp.ritlabs.com/pub/the_bat/beta/tb163b09.rar
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