Вышла 7 бета почтового клиента The Bat! 1.63

, 18.02.2003 в 21:19

[+] Folder Maintenance Centre replaces "… All Folders" Folder menu commands;

[-] Shortcuts were not loaded correctly for second+ instance of windows of a particular type;

[-] Folder-specific print settings were not saved in the new format folder database (introduced in 1.63 Beta/1);

[-] When printing multiple messages, if the print dialogue was cancelled, only the selected messages got cancelled, the rest was printed;

[-] Division by zero error when viewing images on a zero-size preview pane;

[-] Last message in a folder was not opened when msgid: URL was used.

OK, may be not too much, but still something :-)

Some major code reworks will be performed during next couple of weeks. Hopefully, this would help to eliminate some shortcomings and also will expand the spectrum for plug-in places…

Thank you for your support and enjoy playing with the new animal! :-)
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