Выпущен релиз почтового клиента The Bat! 1.62е

, 11.01.2003 в 00:06
This is the version 1.62 with the correct uninstaller, and with the following bugs fixed:

[-] Fixed a bug in Content-Type caching which could cause Access Violation when opening a message with a particuar attachment;

[-] Some CSAPI dictionaries didn´t work;

[-] Fixed an Access Violation which could occur on some messages with quoted-printable encoding;

[-] It was impossible to change a directory for account or for mail attachments under Windows 95, 98 and ME;
[*] When changing a directory for an account which had a different attachment directory, the files from the attachment directory are copied, not moved, to the new location, to prevent moving of system files if the account directory has been set to a system folder by a user´s mistake. After changing an account directory, the attachment directory resets to default, which is the "Attach" folder inside the folders of account; the old separate attachment directory is left in place;

[-] Spell checking - suggestion dialogue was not remembering the last chosen position;
[*] When a connection to SMTP was broken due to socket error, and the connection type was TLS, the error message wasn´t logged.

Скачать его можно отсюда ftp://ftp.ritlabs.com/pub/the_bat/beta/the_bat.exe
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