Вышел релиз The Bat! 1.62

, 10.12.2002 в 11:08
Что нового в The Bat! 1.62?

А вот что:

[+] Possibility to choose MailTicker folders at once by right clicking on the MailTicker;

[+] Forwarded flag can be used in the "View|Display|Advanced filtering";
[*] In case of CRAM-MD5 authentication failure on SMTP, there is a fallback to less secure authentication mechanisms, unless "Require secure authentication" option is checked;
[*] More diganostic information is given when reporting error in displaying html;
[*] The Bat! issues ´RSET´ SMTP command after each message sent to prevent subsequent message to be send to addressees of a previous message on some odd servers;

[-] Specials|Create Filter(Shift-Ctrl-F) didn´t work when message auto-view was turned off;

[-] The Bat! didn´t support the SMIMEEncryptionKeyPreference S/MIME attribute and thus was unable to verify didital signatures made by Outlook XP;

[-] SmartBat contents wasn´t saved when exiting The Bat! with open SmartBat;

[-] Fixed some incompatibilities with RFC2797 (Certificate Management Messages over CMS);

[-] There was an action in sorted/office filters which was logged as an error and caused an exclamation sound;

[-] Fixed a bug of Beta/2 with S/MIME internal implementation. It didn´t check correctly the signatures;

[-] Fixed a bug in "Message Redirect" cmmand with inserting the redirector´s Reply-To information into the redirected message if the original message didn´t have the Reply-To field set;

[-] Removed flickering in the About box when the credits are scrolled;

[-] Attachments were not deleted from the attachments directory when they were deleted from the Trash folder;

[-] TLS error messages weren´t logged;

[-] "Sender" was added to the address list in "Reply To All" command;

[-] Change of Account/Folder directory and removal of account files wasn´t handled gracefully;

[-] The Bat! didn´t properly support Serbian Cyrillic;

[-] A work-around for the WinSock buffer overrun bug;

[-] Parameter SELECTED was ignored in <SELECT> tag of HTML messages;

[-] Local delivery was working only for one message per address;

[-] Some problems with splitters;

[-] Address books were not restored correctly for "fresh" installations;

[-] Messages restored from parts were not checked for viruses.
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